ALBAform Industrial LLC. provides technical, research, quality, and development services for customers on US market. ALBAform Industrial LLC specialize in product development, engineering, and quality control for manufacturing companies. We have a strong ability to support companies during product and process development for new projects, as well as continuous improvement pro already running projects.


Engineering services

Based on the customers’ requirements and production process description we will design, test a manufacture different type of equipment. Welding fixtures, checking gauges, design proposals for assemblies are just some examples of the company capability.


Development services

Due the extension experience from manufacturing process, ALBAform Industrial LLC also provides integration of Industry 4.0. As an example - we developed system to measure on-line status of manufacturing equipment. This unique system is capable to track real-time OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), reason for downtime and provide operators and programmers real-time status of the equipment.


Quality services

One of the key services is also providing development and quality services. ALBAform Industrial LLC is using high-tech 3D CMM measuring device capable to scan up to 1.2 milion points per second of high-quality measurement data. Using cutting-edge blue-laser technology and advanced programming, it combines ‘always-on’ maximum performance with simple usability to deliver high-productivity non-contact 3D measurement. Thanks to a ground-breaking modular cross-platform technology concept, the same scanner unit can be used for both portable measuring arm and laser tracker measurement, without even the need for realignment when switching. 

Not only that the parts can be measured and compared with the data model, but it is also capable to make reverse engineering – crate a data model after scanning physical part.